Early history of Islamic Elementary School Kroja starting from 1948, the year when the Dutch began to be forced to leave from Indonesia by the Japanese army in 1942. Feeling disturbed security in that year, some residents Kroja and figures Kroja Muslims left and moved to another place that feels safe.
            Under such circumstances, a leader in Kroja named Mr. Dulah Hadwi, the prince of the office of the District Marriage Kroja trying to find protection for upholding the teachings of Islam, and in this effort Dulah Hadwi got friends including Mr. Struggle. R. Sapandi, Obseter (head of the public works department ) Kroja. Suggestion that he founded the School in Kauman Kroja, which is a special school that teaches Islamic lessons to children in the hope remains for sustainability Kroja teachings of Islam in the bud at once educate the nation in order to help the government and refuge from unwanted things from the Netherlands.

            On the advice of Mr. Supandi it, and Mr. Hadwi established schools and collect student is through religious leaders Kroja districts, for a start recruiting students, Mr. Hadwi requested that any religious leader sends 4 students, a few days later berkumpulah the prospective student, and from then on Mr. Dulah Hadwi the teaching and assisted -law Mr. Dahlan named Moch. Chaerudin, Mr. Madzkur also requested its support in order to teach at this school. Established school located in the foyer mosque Kauman Kroja that criss-crossed with gedek bulkhead (wall bamboo), the students have not separated the class level for school supplies such as desks, chairs, blackboards, and others did not have, the kids just sit in floor porch of the mosque while the blackboard just use the door of the mosque, but still runs well .

            Hearing such circumstances, the Dutch did not remain silent with the establishment of this school because it is feared to threaten the Dutch power with education being taught, then the Dutch came to the school and ask for clarification where the school, the school also showed that learning books used is not a book of religion and political learning as it is feared the Dutch, then by the Dutch school should be continued .
            Increasingly over the months, this school is growing, then the porch of the mosque was not able to accommodate the growing number of students until the students moved to the home of Mr. H. Nur in Banjar Kroja (Yapi SMP / SMP 2 Buana, now a Masyitoh Siti Medicine Center), name of the teacher who taught in the school are: Moch. Chaerudin, Madzkur Kyai Kyai Munawir, Asmungi, Tamyiz Bajuri, Abustamin, Zaenudin, and Tarmudzi. Over the months school is experiencing a state of concern, then the first figure has now gone back and asked to help take care of the school, including : Mr. R. Sapandi, Dulah Hadwi, Abu Sujak, M. Chaerudin, Abu Ngamar, H. Asroroji, Sanpura (H. Abd Karim), and Mr. H. Dahlan.
With the return of these figures, growing school and community participation are also more and more, after the school building was moved to the south of the Great Mosque Darussalam Kauman Kroja until now.

June 1952, Mr. Moch Chaerudin who has been appointed as the official religion teacher, attended the conference which was attended service in Cilacap Mr. R. Sudiman ( Examiner Islamic Education Regional Banyumas residency ). On that occasion Mr. R. Sudiman recommends that the school inaugurated a Primary school of Islam ( SRI ).
            After the implementation of the Conference , Mr. M. Chaerudin deliberate with the founders of the school to discuss the name change suggestion , and agreed that the adjustment of status to the People's Islamic Schools (SRI) and inaugurated on August 1, 1952. More and more public participation is growing and the school became the only private school in Kroja people . In 1958 the Islamic Primary school recognized by the state kesamaanya. Through the Ministry of Education Cilacap district / Inspection of Primary and Pre-School Education Kroja region .
            In 1963 the People's Islamic School changed its name to the Islamic Elementary School ( SD ISLAM ), but the year was also the name changed again to MWB NU, for the hint / suggestion Department of Religion who are promoting compulsory education, with the recommendation that the implementation of MWB 7 years, with 6 years at the primary intent of State and an additional 1 year specialized skill areas.
            With the change of name to MWB NU, the school got a special energy assistance graduate skill areas Pacet Training Center , West Java named Bp. Slamet. But late in 1963 MWB changed its name again to Minu ( NU Elementary School ). These changes follow the advice Maarif Education Institute, " Al Maarif " , which then became the auspices of the school.
           At the end of 1973 , the Government outlined that schools should not be ruled by the political institutions, the then MI NU Kauman Kroja renamed MII Darut Tarbiyah wa Ta'alim. However, the changes under the new foundation was not a long walk, this is because the school was the lack of guidance from the Foundation Darrut Tarbiyah wa Ta'alim, then change again the name of the school board is becoming MII Preparation of State, with the aim to get a coaching education and other facilities both of MORA and from the Department P and K.
    These changes did not reduce the similarity with the Elementary School, is evident by 3 Ministerial Joint Decree ( SKB 3 Minister ) in 1975, the Minister of Religious Affairs, the Minister of Education and Culture, and the minister of the Interior, which explains the similarity degree with Elementary School. ( LCS derivatives attached )
            Based on LCS 3 the Minister, means MII Preparation Kauman State Department Kroja about coaching following the P and K, and religious guidance to follow MI State (Ministry of Religious Affairs) so the school hours for elementary MII lot more than that in terms of Religious Education.
As a change for the sake of change experienced this madrasah, the changes and developments, good name, status, and buildings and equipment owned .
State of the pupil in the school year 1981/1982 are:
1 . class 1 : 19 children
2 . Class II : 19 children
3 . Class III : 19 children
4 . grade IV : 23 children
5 . V class : 14 children
6 . Class VI : 20 children
The situation of teachers / employees in 1981, namely :
1 . Mr. Chotib, Principal
2 . Mr. Warisin, Master Class ( UKS and Scout )
3 . Mr Machali Am, Master Class (Sport )
4 . Mother Mugirah, Master Class ( Scout )
5 . Mother Kusumaningsih, Master Class ( Scout )
6 . Mother Sumirah, Master class ( PKK )
7 . Mr Muslim, Guard School .

PERIOD 1952-1982

1. Cpc. Dulah Hadwi
2. Cpc. H. Moch . Chaerudin
3. Cpc. R. Sapandi
4. Cpc. Sanpura ( H. Abdul Karim )
5. Cpc. H. Abusujak
6. Cpc. Asroroji
7. Bpk. H. Dahlan
8. Cpc. Abungamar
9. Cpc. KH.MM Adzkiya
10. Cpc. Sastrorejo
22. Cpc. M. Sutrisno
11. Cpc. Masyhuri
23. Cpc. Sochidi
12. Cpc. Munjin
13. Cpc. Chayat
14. Cpc. M. Sutrisno
15. Cpc. Sochidi
16. Cpc. Kosin
17. Cpc. Chunaeni , BA
18. Cpc. Kusmiran Hidayat
19. Cpc. Ms . Ghozalie
20. Cpc. Imam Adrongi
21. Cpc. Chayat

 IN SRI / SDI / MII Kroja
PERIOD 1952-1982

1 . Moch . Chaerudin ( Principal )
21 . Budiyanto
2 . Kyai Madzkur
22 . Slamet
3 . Asmungi
23 . Chunaini
4 . Kyai Tamyiz Bajuri
24 . sutrisno
5 . Kyai Muna
25 . Chotib ( Principal )
6 . Abustamin
26 . ash
7 . Zaenudin
27 . Achmadi
8 . Sa'dun
28 . Yuniarno
9 . M. Zumar
29 . Usadani
10 . Moch . Turmudzi
30 . Muthirah
11 . Moch . Thoha
31 . Tugiyah
12 . S. Abdulhadi
32 . Suprapti
13 . Moch . Sya'roni ( Principal )
33 . Sumarti
14 . Hadi Suparyo
34 . Jeminah
15 . Turmudi
35 . Siti Chotijah
16 . Mudjirah
36 . Sutirah
17 . Chamami
37 . Sumardi
18 . Sayuti
38 . Maftuchah ( TK )
19 . Samingun
39 . Sri Handayati ( TK )
20 . Solichah
40 . Fahiman ( TK )
                   (Source : SD Reunion Memories Book of Islam ( MII ) Kauman Kroja 1982 )

NEW FACE MI Islamiyah Kroja
Of SD Islam ( MII ) changed its name to MI Islamiyah Kroja around 1988, and under the auspices of Cilacap Maarif Education institutions. But in the 2000-2005 school year is apparent decline. Seeing such things then move on the leaders to redevelop this school because it is a very important role in mensyiarkan teachings of Islam , of which he Djalil H. deceased  , H. Muslims S.Ag  Head of Banjar district who served in the State), Hj . Jamilah Suswati S, Pd . (Teacher at SDN Kroja 01 , She was the wife of Mr. Hanafi , S. Sos , vice- chairman of parliament Cilacap 2009-2014 ) , Hj . Murshid , Mr. . Kyai Abbas Chamim S.Pd.I , Hj . Suwantini ( owner of Family PO ) and other figures that can not be called one by one . Reorganization of the Board and the new Committee for MI Islamiyah Kroja , namely :
Committee MI Islamiyah Kroja
I. Chairman : H. Muslims , S.Ag
II . Secretary : 1 . Maksudi 2 . Pujiono , S.Pd.I
III . Treasurer : 1 . Jamilah Suswati , S.Pd
  2 . Muslihatun , A.Ma
IV . Members : 1 . Hj . Suwantini 4 . Joko Lelono
                          2 . Yasir 5 . Jubad
                          3 . Muniroh 6 . Amini